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Travel between timezone and weather zone August 29, 2009

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It is often travel between different timezone but not always different on weather zone. Taipei is now about 28-34C but Sydney is about 10-20C only. Time difference is 2 hrs apart , much less than from US cities. But the most annoying thing is that you have to bring out some winter clothings. But thinking of the best side, the temperature is comfortable when compared with Taipei, quite cool at least. Take a chane to enjoy myself.


Get flu overseas August 5, 2009

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After I came back from HK, my be it is too tired, I got sorerhroat , dry cough but no fever, no running nose, no fever after I travelled to Tokyo. It is so tired travelling around the world. There is another travel trip to Sydney in the end of August for medical purpose : world ultrasound meeting. I had been taking some oral medications for symptomatic treatment and I should be geting better later this week.

Hong Kong 720 June 2, 2009

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Hong Kong 720 is a free app by Hong Kong Tourism Board to introduce HK to foreigners. You can watch some sightseeing spots in 720 degree view(360 left to right and 360 up and down). Also you can watch some promotion video and some local informations with maps. Check it out by yourself before you travel to HK.

Home sweet home January 27, 2009

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After 5 days of on duty in ED during the first half of CNY, finally I started my vacation to HK. 12C dry , cold , cloudy but no raining VS light rain in Taipei 15C. Upon arrival at home , I can feel the hospitality of my family and the happiness of my kid who had planned to visit Disneyland and Ocean Park after the CNY holidays.