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Start learning iPad September 1, 2010

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Finally I bought my first iPad and start using it to type my blog.
The built in keyboard is a little bit small In size compared with normal size keyboard but is is very convincing. But all you got is inside your iPad and my be even no need to carry your notebook any more in the future.


Blog or facebook April 12, 2009

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I had been writing my own blog by wordpress for many years. Originated with my old Sony CLIE PDA then changed to Pocket PC . Last year I buy my first iPod Touch and finally buy my first iPhone 3G. iPhone is part of my daily life which I had my expense details, weather forecast, checking and writing emails, instant google maps and location services, iPod music and video, iphone camera with wordpress software that can send words and images right to my blog any time any place on earth which had WiFi connection. The most important thing is entertainment . You can downloads hundreds of free and paid games from App store and delete few days later if you want to download some new one. Radio boardcast is also okay by iphone. What else do it miss? All you have to do is plug in AV power supply to fully charged before you go away from home. 

Recently I installed facebook in my iphone and starts using facebook to communicate with my colleagues. Facebook is somewhat different from blogging. Writing a blog is personal and self leading: you can write what you want as to express your feeling on the blog. You may disregard others and need not to respond to others. Facebook is interactive regarding others to respond as words, phases, expression, photos etc. You must interact in some of the conversation, question, phases, photos in order to response in facebook. If you raise a question or photo but noone response, then you will feel boring using facebook. Facebook had no privacy also. Friends introduce other friends etc , sometimes you feel you are lost in the facebook’s wall. Facebook only include small community e.g. colleagues in your working environment but blog is internet worldwide.

There are much more what we called social networking softwares like plurk, twitter etc that I have not explore yet.

iPhone or iPod Touch October 12, 2008

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Recently I am struggling myself to buy iPhone or iPod Touch. iPhone 16GB sells about HK$6200 (NT$24800) and iPod Touch 32GB sells about NT15000 but iPhone include a digital camera and embedded 3G phone. The problem is that will you use iPhone as a phone , image viewer, MP3, movie player, internet surfer or all together? iPod Touch got the most features as iPhone except for the phone and camera. Size and weight are almost the same. It is a hard decision right now but from Stuff magazine they recommended Archos, no matter Archos internet media tablets or Archos PMP series like Archos 605 HiFi or 705 HiFi.

Coolest gadgets January 25, 2008

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Do you want to know some coolest gadgets like watches , check it out here.